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P. Isaiah & Peggy Medina

P. Isaiah Medina gave his life to Jesus Christ on June 6th, 2000. He and his wife of 23 years Peggy were saved in the Potters House Christian Center in Ogden Utah. Before salvation, P. Medina lived a lifestyle of gangs, violence, and drug addiction. Although in the midst of all this, he had a grandmother praying for him. At the lowest point in his life, He was trying to commit suicide, nothing in life was going as he had planned. But thank God his Wife Peggy had already given her life to God weeks before and was also praying for him. It wasn't until he looked at his wife and his two sons that he realized he needed to change for himself, but also his family and his kid's future. He knew exactly where to go, The Potters House! He repented and was transformed. He and Peggy served God faithfully for 3 years and felt the call to preach. Since then he has pioneered 3 churches, in West Valley, Then Logan, and then as a missionary in La Paz Bolivia. He also assisted as a pastor for some time in his mother church in Ogden Utah. He felt God calling him to come back to West Valley and has now been head pastor for 8 Years. His goal is to see West Valley, Utah and the world won for Jesus!

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